• Seek meaningful insight from data.

    We believe that with innovation and technology, we can shape the future by delivering simplicity and efficiency through powerful solutions.

    We aim to spearhead the big data revolution as a leader in predictive analytics.

  • We cut our teeth in the most competitive of industries – elite sport

Who is SMG Technologies?

We are an international cloud-based SaaS solution powered by a living predictive analytical engine.

By harnessing Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) into meaningful patterns, we help drive behaviour to achieve the absolute best from individuals, teams and communities.

From our foundation in delivering results to elite sporting teams, we are now able to service multi-channel cross-industry needs.

More about us

What does it mean?

We aggregate data from a variety of sources, be it other platforms, devices, apps or the IoT. Any parameter that can be measured is a data point.

Multi-source integration:

  • User generated data e.g. from a fitness wearable device
  • Statistical archives
  • Expert resources
  • Open-source databases e.g. Census

This data is analysed through biological parameters and behavioural patterns to uncover actionable trends and insights.

The science behind the system

How it helps you

We automate the collection and analysis of data locked behind Excel spreadsheets, written notes and proprietary systems.

Insights gained through trend forecasting and statistical predictions will give you  the confidence to make informed and improved decisions.

Industry-specific examples:

  • Injury minimisation and athlete management for sporting teams or individuals
  • Product demand and customer profiling for retail and insurance
  • Student wellness and state-of-mind monitoring for education

Powered by a multi-disciplinary team. Backed with science.

SMG Technologies was born out of the All Blacks’ 2003 Word Cup season to manage their injuries.

With on-going international investment, the platform and analytical engine continues to enjoy development and refinement by an expert team.

Members include:

  • National coaches
  • Sports scientists
  • Nutrition and human performance specialists
  • PhDs in sports science, statistics, eCommerce and software engineering

With collaboration from a team of in-house technical specialists, designers and sales support, solving your data headache is only a conversation away.

Meet the team

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