• Experts, scientists and industry specialists.

    We have an on-going global commitment to hire, collaborate and consult with industry advocates, business leaders and prominent academics on their fields of expertise.

    Whether it’s within the team, the client or the community, we understand that relationships are the currency of success – and we trade on integrity, transparency and respect.

Our Team

Our technology is and ongoing development is powered by an expert team from across the world and consists of elite team sport scientists and coaches, leading specialists and elite human performance experts, PhDs in sports, exercise science, mathematics, eCommerce and software engineering. An extended team of support and specialised in-house technical team of designers and developers offer innovative solutions to maintain our global leadership.

With such deep experience, SMG prides itself on knowing what information is really needed, when to affect behaviour change, and how to deliver tangible improvements in performance.

Phd Programme

Dedicated to the growth of sport science, SMG is committed to our successful internship program which provides practical experience for exceptional sports science and business students from local universities.

Working alongside our Technology and Development team and Marketing and Sales teams, students are able to build the knowledge of how to operate and apply an athlete management system in practical work environment.

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