On and off the field, students are achieving more.

School teams work towards the same outcomes and scenarios as professional teams, but they also have the added complications because of the need to balance their own performance with family, full time study and other sporting commitments.

Assists sports directors and coaches manage multiple athletes and multiple teams across many different sports.

Benefits of Baseline

Baseline’s incredible versatility and affordability makes it the first in the world to be accessible for schools, clubs and teams that have the desire, but do not always have the finances for performance products.


As there are no restrictions on the number of teams and sporting codes, Baseline can effectively manage the modular features and roles-based accessibilities for staff.


One true source to store, share and upload important documents or data, that is accessible from any device and location, improving staff efficiency.


Real-time alerts and data-optimised dashboards create a streamlined method for staff and parents to ensure complete visibility over athlete health and safety.


Manage budgets and amplify existing technologies to maximise return on investment.


Have a positive effect on how staff and students view and enjoy sport, by having a holistic understanding on the business.

Baseline gets Schools

By identifying the core pain points of the Schools’ particular staff areas, Baseline can better support and manage responsibilities and resources to maximise results and promote the student environment.

For the Principals

  • Creating a high standard of care for staff and students.
  • Manage the allocation of budgets across multiple departments and ensure return on investment.
  • Challenge of coordinating funds and future planning with numerous stakeholders.
  • Compliance with government regulations and certifications.
  • Upholding parental expectation and retaining student base.
  • Securing the latest technologies to ensure students and staff advanced learning and results.
  • Ensures all student to staff communications are not in the social media wider environment but are secure and managed.

Baseline’s Solutions

  • Configurable Dashboards

    Understand the bigger picture in one click

    Gain a real-time snapshot of the health, availability and schedules of all staff across all departments.

  • Staff Communication Portal

    Staff-only communication tools to support collaboration and share important information quickly.

For the Directors of Sport

  • How to facilitate school wide success through multiple sports.
  • Challenge of acquiring, nurturing and retaining young talent.
  • Manage and plan resource allocation and budgets across multiple codes and teams.
  • Ways to improve health, welfare and performance of staff and students.
  • Time-consuming to coordinate with multiple departments, external practitioners and parents.
  • Acquiring the latest technology for success on and off the field.
  • Upholding injury record standards for school protection.
  • Manage student to staff communications within a secure portal and not in the social media environment.

Baseline’s Solutions

  • Configurable Dashboards

    Understand the bigger picture in one click

    Gain a real-time snapshot of the health, availability and schedules of all staff across all departments.

  • Staff Communication Portal

    Deep insights with straight-forward reports

    Predefined templates quickly locate and provide insight into vital data from game performances, real-time training participation to injury reporting.

  • Video & Document Sharing

    Collaborative tools for faster outcomes

    Consolidated on one true source, documents can be uploaded from multiple sources, stored and shared between staff members to help with quick, easy collaboration.

  • Talent Identification & Tracking

    Attract and retain future champions for your school

    Tools to capture and report on performance and compare with other talented athletes.

  • Staff Portal

    Internal communication tools to support staff collaboration and share important information quickly.

  • Communication Tools

    Create and send messages to individuals or groups of staff and students, via email or mobile solution.

For the Head Coaches

  • Pressure for team to succeed whilst keeping athletes happy and healthy.
  • Competing with other codes and teams for promising talent.
  • Frustratingly disparate communication between numerous  students, parents and staff.
  • Create challenging but enjoyable training sessions for skill progression.
  • Understand student health to keep them performing well and safely.
  • Reduce likelihood of injuries to ensure maximum performance on field.
  • Trying to secure the best resources for your team.

Baseline’s Solutions

  • Student Availability Summary

    Instantly know the health and availability of your team

    Real-time summary of student training and game availability, with option to send email to key staff when availabilities change.

  • Smart Alerts

    Keep students safe with real-time intervention tools

    Surveillance alerts instantly trigger from suspect data to help you identify students who are tracking well or are at risk

  • Video & Document Sharing

    Capture training or game footage for more effective feedback

    Upload videos straight  from the field and share with individual staff, students or the whole team.

  • Mobile Solution

    A student-centric tool redefines how teams connect

    Students can view daily schedules, capture wellness, performance and injury data, create reports, manage personal information and communicate to other team members via personal mobile devices.

  • Coaching Tools

    Coaches can better prepare for a stronger performance

    Digital playbooks, video upload, training session templates and drag and drop roster lists reduce time spent planning and maximise your time on field.

  • GPS Integration

    Boost performance by understanding the whole picture of student health

    Get more than just performance data by correlating GPS data with other variables to understand what contributes to successful performance.

  • Maximise Technology

    Plug in to wearables and understand more about your students

    Integrate with over 200 different wearable devices and mobile applications; choose to monitor nutrition, physical activity, sleep and more.

Baseline delivers better support

Baseline can power on-field success with off-field monitoring of athlete’s physical and mental health

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