Dr Anita Sirotic Speaks About Data Analytics and Performance at CONQA Elite Sport Summit

Anita Sirotic, Head of Sports Science and Product at SMG Technologies, spoke on High Performance and Maximising Data at the Conqa Elite Sport Summit 5 – 7 October 2016.

She spoke with 320 of the most talented, progressive sports practitioners in elite sport. The conference hosted practitioner from areas as diverse as ALF top cirque du soleil.

She shared her learnings from over 10 years of working as Head of Sports Science for NRL teams and her experience working at SMG Technologies to develop products to improve the accuracy, time and speed it takes to analyse data for professional sports.
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Great Product Design is the Result of Great Communication

“Talent wins games. Teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


The immortal Michael Jordan would know a thing or two about success. He understood that an individual will be outmatched by a team, and a team without great communication is outperformed by one that does.

At SMG Technologies, our business is products that leverage technology to facilitate communication. For our SportsMed Elite platform, whether it’s between a player and coach, manager and team, scientist and physiotherapist, or data and the fans, we know great communication doesn’t just happen, it is the result of critical design thinking by talented minds, within a constructive framework, driven by business-led objectives.

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Software Monitors Health and Wellbeing

Originally posted on educationtoday.com.au  on August 26 2016

Brisbane based SMG Technologies has introduced Baseline, the first product available to offer the ability to tap into the same technology used by elite sporting professionals and large international colleges.

Baseline centralises communication tools, notifications and data from any source on staff and student health, wellbeing, training and performance. XELA, a predictive analytic engine collates, monitors and analyses the information and provides trends and changes in wellness, health or injury or behavioural patterns. This allows staff to be alerted to any issues, potential injuries or health concerns as well as saving valuable time with communicating and coordinating across large student numbers and sporting codes.

The Baseline platform can integrate with current school systems. Students, athletes and staff can access the mobile tool and update up to 22 Baseline metrics including sleep quality, fatigue, motivation, appetite, injury related variable and stress levels for that day.

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A week in the life of a rugby athlete

James Grigson is an SMG Technologies’ sports science intern, talented rugby union player, and junior level coach. Currently, a third-year sports science student at the University of Queensland, James supports the product team in all facets of development. His primary focus is the strength and conditioning module for the SportsMed Elite and Baseline products. As a part-time strength and conditioning coach at a high performing sports school, James understands the demands and expectations of both an athlete and coach. Here, he shares his insights and explains how each athlete can get the most out training and boost their performance.

What does one think of when looking into the week of a rugby athlete? Think gruelling sessions clanging and banging the iron, explosive speed work, intense conditioning, fine tuning the set piece, physical contact work against the biggest bloke on the team (it happens every time) and of course game day. Not to mention the fact that you have a life, juggling work, your mates, family commitments, partners, levelling up on Pokemon GO (what happened to just playing FIFA?) It can be physically and mentally draining. In fact, it can become overwhelming. Now factor in trying to adequately reenergize the machine that is your body to perform at the best of your ability. With a few minor tweaks to your everyday routine and the assistance of performance monitoring software technology, training will be optimised, whilst on field game performances will be improved. Read more

Surf Life Saving and IronWoman Racing – Join The Action!

Ambassador Tara Coleman has been a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronWoman athlete for the last six years and involved in Surf Life Saving for twelve years. She has recently been awarded ten years long service leave due to her commitment. 

Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Tara joined her first surf club at the age of twelve. She gained her Surf Rescue Certificate at the age of thirteen and her Bronze Medallion Certificate II at the age of fifteen. Incredibly proud to be part of Surf Life Saving Australia’s rich history, Tara shares her top tips of how to get involved below.

What is IronWoman Racing?

IronWoman racing is a multi-discipline sport competing in the ocean, with a surf swim, board paddle, ski paddle and run leg combined. Races can vary from endurance to elimination rounds, which often involve continuous racing for anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours. The season runs from September to April.

Highlights of the sport?

Travelling to the most beautiful beaches all over Australia and also overseas to compete in various races. There are many events to compete in such as branch titles, State titles, Australian titles and World Titles.

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An Athlete’s Insight Into Winter Training

Outrigger Canoeist, Triathlete and World Level Masters Swimmer, Champion Robyn Saultry, has a lifetime’s worth of experience. Her recent titles include 3rd place in the 2015 World Pa’a Kaiwi Channel 41 mile Relay OC1, 3rd in the Kauai World Challenge 34 mile coastal relay and 4th in the 2016 World Championship Molokai Solo. To achieve and retain her first-class performance Robyn trains vigorously throughout the year, come rain or shine. Robyn shares below the realities of what this entails, in particular, the harsh conditions when training in the winter.

After a long and taxing build to completing my first ever Molokai Solo at an age most are retired and sitting on the couch, I am now amidst a serious recovery phase and planning my next six months of the year.

Winter training as a paddler can often be a difficult task. Experiencing sub ten degree mornings with strong chilling winds means that sometimes it takes hours to warm up the extremities after training. Attempts to stay warm by layering up with thermal gear, a beanie and wetsuit boots does help but being wet throughout not only training but packing up as well, can be incredibly cold. Training in cooler temperatures can be detrimental to an individual’s performance. The body has a number of thermoregulatory responses to cope with temperature changes, such as vasoconstriction (redirection of blood from the periphery to protect and maintain homeostasis in the core) and thermogenesis (shivering). The cold affects individuals very differently, factors such as age, gender, body composition and exercise account for some of the differences.

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SMG Technologies Partners with Auckland City Football Club With Leading Technology Solution

BRISBANE, 2 AUG 2016 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) is excited to officially announce Auckland City Football Club (Auckland City FC), have come on board to use its leading Baseline software as part of a two-year service partnership.

Baseline provides teams with the ability to maximise resources, protect athletes and enhance performance with predictive insights into sports, wellness and performance data.

According to Matt Payne, Physio at Auckland City FC, “We were looking for a technology solution to consolidate and gain insight into key athlete metrics and one that placed player welfare and performance at the heart of the system.  SMG Technologies offered the best solution in terms of centralising all team data including wellness, providing a holistic view of each player supporting staff to manage the welfare of players and get the best results from the team.”

The Baseline platform is designed to help maximise visibility around patterns of athlete performance, with the ultimate goal of keeping athletes playing at their best. It also allows coaches to tackle the demands of team management, whilst providing a predictive model to protect athletes from potential injury. From the data, Baseline delivers personalised insights into each athlete and allows behavioural trends, surveillance, triage and many other critical variables to be measured and managed.

Auckland City FC’s staff and athletes will have access to the Baseline software and will be using features including data capture, strength and conditioning, coaching, physiotherapy, internal communications, video and document library, customised reporting and the wellness app.

“We feel the insights and intelligence delivered from Baseline will really enable us to manage player performance and support us to make more intelligent decisions at a strategic level,” concluded Matt.

“We are excited to be working with Auckland City FC. Baseline’s all encompassing system uses scientifically proven methods to aggregate data and deliver personalised insights. The advantage for coaching staff being the ability to make daily interventions or when alerted in real-time, supporting athletes in maximising performance, while keeping them on the training field. We are looking forward to working closely together and enjoying a successful partnership,” said Dr Anita Sirotic, Head of Performance and Sport Science, SMG Technologies.

Further information on Baseline can be found here

SMG Technologies – Supporting the 2015 Young Achievers Rugby League Kokoda Trail

SMG Technologies’ SportsMed Elite mobile application was taken to a whole new altitude when a group of Australian athletes ventured into the Papua New Guinea jungle. The group  climbed the historical Kokoda Track, taking part in the 2015 Young Achievers Rugby League Kokoda Trail Tour.

The group of 25 Rugby young achievers and support staff from Queensland and New South Wales, visited PNG to walk the historical trail for three key reasons/aims/motives. The first was for historical reflections on the extreme conditions and challenges faced by earlier generations of young soldiers fighting in the PNG jungle during WWII, what they may have faced and the personal, emotional and physical struggles they addressed. The second was to celebrate their chosen sporting success in Rugby League and their selection to represent Australia in the U16s match v PNG playing before the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister’s X111. The final motivator for the challenge of the tour was to carry with them and provide much-needed supplies and donations to support local PNG communities.

The Kokoda Trail

One of the world’s greatest and most famous treks of 96 kilometres, connecting PNGs Southern and Northern coasts, the trail passes through steep valleys, jungle, rainforest and rugged mountainous terrain, testing the most experienced of adventurers.

A journey to challenge and inspire, offering a life-changing and unforgettable experience, the selected athletes had never anticipated the true impact of the natural demands the trail faced, let alone what had occurred decades earlier. The Kokoda trail and Sogeri area have a deep history of fighting between the Japanese and Australian armies in WWII. The equipment they carried, the battles they endured and the climatic challenges were reflected on and provided inspiration to the team over the two-week journey.

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New Recruit to SMG’s Internship Program

Patrick Campbell is currently a doctoral candidate at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and the latest successful recruit to join the SMG Technologies PhD Internship Program. He completed his undergraduate degree in Exercise and Movement Science in 2014, and attained first class Honours in 2015, with a thesis examining “The specificity of pre-professional rugby union training in preparation for competitive match-play”. Pat combines his academic credentials with experience as a strength and conditioning coach previously working in GPS Rugby Club and Goalball Queensland, and is currently working with Wheelchair Basketball Queensland.

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Asia Healthcare Summit 2016 – The New Technology Frontier

The 2nd Asia Healthcare Summit, held in Singapore, brought together more than 300 of the healthcare industry’s leading minds and representatives. These included public, government, private, insurers, subject matter experts, and industry partners.

The conference covered three key areas; connected health, healthcare facilities, and health insurance – each area having its own nuances. Being the only advanced analytics partner in attendance, SMG Technologies was proud to feature in both a panel discussion, as well as a keynote presentation on the role of advanced analytics in healthcare. SMG Technologies shared key insights into the benefits of advanced analytics as a predictive tool within organisations and how the meaningful and purposeful application of intelligent data analytics can vastly improve healthcare outcomes.

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