Race yourself to the next milestone.

Attention weekend warriors, the everyday elite, and those who live for sport!

Where’s the pay-off, the insight, or the competitive advantage in collecting all of that data?

With FitYou’s Advanced Analytics, personalized coaching and goal-setting is drawn from your data, your routine, and your biometrics. Instead of reflecting on what you’ve done, FitYou drives you forward with a plan to get there.

Whether it’s to shave seconds off a bike ride, build endurance to bolster your run, or just to beat that one person (you know the one), FitYou is the digital roadmap that will push your game beyond your expectations.

Train like no one is watching. Win like everyone is.

“I don’t want to just add more data. I have so much data on me!

What I lack are the skills to combine it all together and have meaningful understanding of what I do next.”

  • Enhance performance across personalized metrics
  • Understand the impact of environmental factors on training and race day
  • Customize for specialized requirements
  • Multisport compatible
  • Integrate with your wearables and other data sources that impact training,
  • Record your lifestyle and performance
  • Reduce the linear nature of data
  • See predictive insights to aid decision-making

Make more sense of all your gathered data in one easy-to-use and powerful everyday athlete solution!

Give yourself permission to dominate!

Seize the opportunity and find out why FitYou is the solution for you.

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