Who are SMG?

We are an international software as a service company offering a range of powerful solutions for enterprises and organisations. We focus on outcomes that drive business performance, individual wellness, advancements in healthcare, employee welfare and engagements. We spearhead the globe as leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. 

There are consistencies in the challenges that face any organisation around the collection and management of disparate or varied data sets, volumes of data and the gaining of insights returning value to the business. We develop solutions based on a core engine, XELA, and work with each organisation to identify their requirements to return results based on all your data.

From our foundation in delivering results to elite sporting teams, we are now able to service multi-channel cross-industry needs. Our recent acquisition of UK based technology company Kin Wellness, positions us with corporate customers around the world gaining support for their teams and delivering results.

More about us

What does it mean?

We aggregate data from a variety of sources, be it other platforms, devices, apps or devices. Any parameter that can be measured is a data point.

Multi-source integration:

  • User generated data e.g. from a fitness wearable device
  • Statistical archives
  • Expert resources
  • Open-source databases e.g. Census

This data is analysed through biological parameters and behavioural patterns to uncover actionable trends and insights. Our solutions are modular be design and customised for scale allowing for add-on services as business requirements expand:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Paperless Administration
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Wellness solutions
  • Elite Individual performance measures

The science behind the system

How it helps you

We automate the collection and analysis of data locked behind Excel spreadsheets, written notes, wearable devices and proprietary systems.

Insights gained through trend forecasting and statistical predictions will give you the confidence to make informed and improved decisions.

Industry-specific examples:

  • Corporate Well being initiatives that empower employers to maximise performance, reduce absenteeism and decrease the risk of chronic illness
  • Product demand and customer profiling for insurance organisations in identifying “At risk” profiles within a cohort
  • Increasing results and financial performance for an enterprise by using  customers data with predictive eCommerce intelligence
  • Elite individual performance in heightened situations, for example, Military scenarios and monitoring
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